Welcome to MIT GeoWeb

Search, discover, preview, and retrieve geospatial data from multiple repositories

MIT GIS Services maintains an international collection of GIS datasets covering a variety of information types, including:

  • US census data
  • Elevation
  • Transportation
  • Hydrography (water)
  • Administrative boundaries
  • Building outlines
  • Parcel/tax lot boundaries with detailed assessor property data
  • Land use/ land cover
  • Demographics
  • Digital topographic maps
  • Satellite imagery
  • Aerial photography

Other repositories searched in MIT Geoweb includes similar types of data but offer different geographic areas than what is included in MIT Geoweb.


There are two ways to search for data. The two methods can be used individually or combined for more effective search

  • Use basic or advanced search
  • Interact with the map to search for data by relevant geographic extent

Interacting with the map

  • Interacting with the map will perform a search for relevant data
  • Enter a place in the Find Place field to zoom to a location
  • Click the Zoom or Pan tool and drag the map with the mouse
  • Double-click to zoom in on an area
  • Hold down shift and click-drag a box to zoom to an area
  • Click on Basemap to set the background layer to OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, etc.


  • Click the Preview checkbox to preview the layer on the map from your search results or from your Cart
  • Expand the layer dropdown to access the preview controls
  • Click the attribute preview tool and click on a feature on the map to view its attributes


  • Click the Cart checkbox to add the selected layer to your Cart for download, additional preview, or to create web mapping services
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Welcome to MIT GeoWeb

Enter a keyword and/or interact with the map to discover geospatial data

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OpenGeoPortal was developed by Tufts University Information Technology. Tufts is leading the development in collaboration with Harvard and MIT of this open source, federated web application to rapidly discover, preview, and retrieve geospatial data from multiple repositories. MIT Geoweb, powered by OpenGeoPortal technology, combines an intuitive, map-based search interface along with traditional text-based metadata search tools for rapid data discovery and for use in teaching, learning, and research.

MIT is part of The Open Geoportal Consortium. The Open Geoportal Consortium is comprised of contributions of several universities and organizations to help facilitate the discovery and acquisition of geospatial data across many organizations and platforms. Current partners include: Harvard, MIT, MassGIS, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Yale, and UConn. Built on open source technology, The Open Geoportal provides organizations the opportunity to share thousands of geospatial data layers, maps, metadata, and development resources through a single common interface.

For questions, comments, or to report problems, please contact: gishelp@mit.edu

For questions, comments, or to report problems, please contact: gishelp@mit.edu

Project Management:

Daniel Sheehan, Senior GIS Specialist, MIT Libraries

Welcome to GeoData@Tufts! We are happy to announce that as of 11/4/2011 we are live. We will be making updates regularly.

Please zoom in and pan around with the map and/or enter search terms to begin discovering our geospatial data holdings.